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Wind Turbine Maintenance

The wind turbine has only one moving part, the turbine its self. This is basically a large motor with blades on it to collect the wind. These items are very reliable and need a simple inspection once a year. After 3 years turbine needs an overhaul as following:
a. Examine the surface of the blades carefully. If there is any air cauterization place, please repair.
b. Check all the bolts, lay antiseptic on the cauterization place.
c. Check the lubricate status of the generator, keep it in good state.
d. Check the erodibility of the surface and the inside parts of the wind turbine.
e.The tightness degree of the steel wire should also be checked.
This procedure is a general overhaul in the warranty service period. And this check will not cost much. The big models may need crane equipment in the checking.
The 5 and 10 years’ overhaul needs to disassemble the wind turbine. Mainly check the damageable parts, such as the bearing, bolts, lumbago brush, and replace if needed.
If the wind turbine is working under the following circumstance for long time, some parts will be easily damaged:
1. Coastal area. The out parts such as the surface, the tower, may be cauterized.
2. High temperature area. The cable may be aging much more quickly.
3. Low temperature area. The cable also maybe aging quickly. The ice will attach on the blades easily and cause the imbalance.

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