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产品描述:We provides a pure sine-wave output, which is the cleanest power available for those applications require the very clean and pure power. Featuring high efficiencies and surge capabilities


Tech Specification

Model : TW-6000  TW-6000-12V   TW-6000-24V   TW-6000-48V 
AC Output  Continuous power:    6000W
Surge power:    12000W
Output Waveform  Pure Sine Wave (THD < 3%)
Output Frequency   50Hz±0.1% or 60Hz±0.1% (Optional)
AC Output Voltage 100~120VAC / 200~240VAC (Optional)
DC Iutput DC Input Voltage 12V DC 24V DC 48V DC
Voltage Range 10.8V-15.5V 21.6V-31V 43.2V-62V
Low Voltage Alarm 10.8V± 0.2V 21.6V±0.4V 43.2V±0.8V
Low Voltage Shut down  10.2V±0.2V 20.4V±0.4V 40.8V±0.8V  
Over Voltage Shut down  15.5V±0.2V 31V±0.4V 62V±0.8V
Converting Max. Efficiency 90% (Full Loading) / 95% (1/3 Loading)
No Load Consumption   <0.6A <0.3A
Protection Over Thermal:     Shut Off Output Automatically, Temperature >75℃
Short circuit protection:  Reverse Polarity (External Fuse)
Cooling Fan automatically run  Temperature ≥45℃
 Environment Working temperature  -10℃~+50℃ 
Working humidity  20%~90% RH  Non-Condensing
Storage Temperature Range  -30℃~+70℃ 
LED Indicator Light Inverter, Fault
Packing  Inner Box Dimensions (mm) 645*320*220 mm 1pcs /Carton
Inner Box Weight (kg) 15kg
Carton Dimensions (mm) 670*340*240 mm
Carton Weight (kg) 16kg
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