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1KW 风力发电机


产品描述:1、采用永磁直驱低速发电机 2、气动效率高,风轮具有独特的强风失速保护特性 3、轴承、磁钢等选用优质品牌材料,保证发电机在恶劣环境下的可靠运行 4、独特的尾舵预偏设计,自动精确对准迎风方向,提高输出功率同时兼顾调速和强风保护


Model ZH1KW

Rotor Diameter, Meters/Feet): 2.8/9.2
Swept Area 
Sqm/ Sqft); 6.15/66
Number Of Blades
Blade Material
 Fibre Glass Reinforced 
Rated Power
Rated Wind
M/S / Mph):10/22
Peak Power :12 M/S 1300
Cut-In Wind 
 M/S / Mph): 2.5/5.6
Output Form
 12/24vdc Nominal (Higher Voltage Optional)
Blade Pitch Control
 None, Fixed Pitch
 40db(A) From 50m With a Wind Speed of 8m/s
Overspeed Protection

Generator Permanent Magnet Alternator                                              

Temperature Range:-40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)                                  

Tower Top Weight 65kg. 
Lateral Thrust  7KN at 50m/s





1. Wind Turbine

 Uses wind energy to generate electricity to charge storage batteries or to connect directly to an inverter.

 The inverter converts the DC (Direct Current) from the wind turbine controller and/or the batteries in to AC (Alternating Current). The AC electricity produced is then feed into the properties mains supply to reduce power taken from the utility supplier.

 2. Product Advantage

2.1  The ZONHAN wind turbine products adopt high magnetic neodymium iron boron material (NdFeB), the professional magnetic circuit design, increase the magnetic fields, thereby enhance the generating efficiency. Meanwhile, the weight of the generator is reduced and is the half weight of the like products of other manufacturers. Accordingly, this is easier to install and maintenance.

2.2  The ZONHAN wind turbine blades use the import FRP(Glass fiber reinforced plastic),the solid petioles equipped with steel bushing, put an end to the blades broken by the wind pressure and flick out. The surface has the coating, can prevent freezing and aging. The wings shape is good and had tested the wind tunnel test in Sichuan province, running smoothly and quietly, the efficiency value Cp can reach to 0.42.

2.3  The special tail vane is in advance partial angle design, when under the normal operation can automatic alignment windward direction, enhance the output power and at the same time can take account to both cornering adjust the speed and the strong breeze protection. When the wind speed is more than 30m/s, the blades windward side will folder to 90°with the tail vane. This will make the blades lost the motive power and give the purely mechanical automatic braking function.


Application principles

3.1  The wind turbine should be installed in an open and flat area, where no obstructions nearby and   in an area where you can get the maximum wind.

3.2  Electricity generated off – grid is used from the batteries when there is no wind; when there is sufficient wind, the generator will charge the batteries. If the batteries become discharged, they should be recharged, especially if using lead-acid batteries. Over discharging or discharging will seriously affect the working life of the batteries. Users should regulate the consuming capacity of the electricity according to local wind conditions and the electricity capacity generated by the wind generator.

3.3  After full wave rectification, the three phase AC generated by wind generator is converted to DC power, usually DC24/48/120/240/360V, in order to obtain full efficiency of the system, the voltage of the batteries should be equal to the DC voltage of the wind generator.

3.4  The input DC voltage of the inverter should be equal to the working voltage of the wind generator.


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